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Agro Shade Nets

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Agro Shade nets proposed to do business in a rented industrial shed in Vinayaka Nagar near to Peenya Industrial Area measuring about 10500 sq ft. Unit uses 70% of the floor area for production and 30% of the floor area for storage and administration place. Agro Shade nets propose to produce 30.50 lacs shade nets for the year

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HDPE granule, master batch and UV are the main raw materials, these are available in the local market.


Shed have the sanctioned power connection of 100HP , this is enough for running the machineries and taking production.


Unit have 35 employees. Additional employees is in the process of recruitment.

Water lpl外围哪里买?,lpl赛事竞猜,专业的lpl菠菜网站

This manufacturing process not requires water, but water is required for employees sanitation and drinking purposes. Shed have local body water connection and this is enough for the shed.


Since this areas is an Industrial one transportation facilities are easily available.

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Pollution clearance is not required.